Our new Heritage range is live!

Heritage Patch_3RE:SOURCE Vintage is bang on trend as we launch our new Heritage furniture collection for Autumn/Winter 2014. This fabulous range of gorgeous vintage and period furniture is made up of carefully selected pieces with that extra special ‘something’, the X-Factor, which makes them stand out from the crowd.

Heritage combines rich dark wood finishes, and the warm red tones of marvellous mahogany, with the fine original detailing found in the decorative hinges, handles and ceramic castors. Heritage is where beautifully carved English oak stands proudly alongside stunning walnut panelling, and the clean lines of rosewood, boxwood, and satinwood simply ooze elegant, Edwardian style.

Teamed with this season’s penchant for tartan, paisley, tweed and plush velvets, these treasured heirloom pieces from the Heritage range represent a great investment and are perfect for creating period decor or giving a traditional touch in a contemporary living space.

The new Heritage range enables Addaction service users, and other members of the community to carry out work placements, or volunteer, whilst finding out about the history of an eclectic selection of furniture. The volunteers and trainees are given the opportunity to learn traditional restoration techniques such as sanding, waxing, French polishing, and oiling, all of which are necessary to restore the pieces back to their former glory.

RE:SOURCE Workshop Lead, Nick Clegg explained:
The very nature of working with wood is therapeutic and helps to raise the confidence of the people that we work with; whilst the informal workshop environment promotes positive interactions between people coming from all different backgrounds and perspectives.”

Nick, who is an experienced cabinet maker, explained what creating the new range of Heritage furniture, in addition to the organisation’s existing styles, has meant to him:
It is highly rewarding to be able to pass on traditional techniques learnt over my 38 year career to people who have little or no experience in woodwork. To see their reactions and pride in the final results is quite humbling, we are not only restoring furniture, but also repairing lives.”

Championing the concept of “buying that you can believe in” as a innovative social enterprise we are keen to remind our customers that by purchasing a RE:SOURCE Vintage product your money is helping to invest in people and planet, as any profit is reinvested to provide environmentally conscious services which focus on ending social exclusion.

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Fabulous Upcycled Midcentury and Vintage Furniture, handfinished by Volunteers and Trainees
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