Oh we do LOVE to be beside the seaside!

Whether you’ve just had a lovely few days on holiday by the sea, or you’re dreaming of your next trip to a relaxing watery paradise, it’s always comforting to bring a little of that seaside style into your home.
There are some amazing ideas out there when sourcing themes for your seaside design inspiration. Almost as much choice as collecting pebbles and shells on the beach itself!

4606474Colour ranges vary from pale greys that visibly describe the hue of the sky when it is overcast, or the subtle tones of beach pebbles, to the alternative of deep marine blues and turquoise that remind you of the beauty of a reflective sky on a sunny day. Finding a blend of the two can create a calming and harmonizing atmosphere.

696968Choose combinations of different paint finishes, shapes, textiles, and natural woods, and team them with lucious soft furnishings and striking accessories to link together your dreamy seaside theme.

There is the spectrum of beige and brown hues that you can find in driftwood, sea pebbles and the rich red highlights of glistening seaweed.

Relaxing green tones that reflect wild beach grasses and seaweed colours from the palest through to almost neon green.

Heart stopping reds and oranges that mimic the sunset, and reflect the beautiful colours of wet pebbles and rusty oxidized metal in pieces of driftwood and disgarded, shipping flotsom and jetsom.

Black and charcoals, cream and sands all the way through to the beautiful blue black hues of mussels and the cool natural, pearlescent colours of seashells.

Bright surf white or chalky finishes to reflect the textures and depths of sea foam.

*Using a few pieces of painted furniture can bring your seaside theme alive, either with a textured matt effect, or chalk paint finish of a toning or complimentary colour and finish.

7683773_orig 2892103 820240

Create your seaside theme  by adding a small cupboard, a couple of snuggly cushions in a marine bright stripe, seaside print, or just a simple variety of pebble colours scattered on a turquoise sofa.

Accents of your design theme can be added within the theme of pictures, blinds and throws, or for the more adventurous try a bit of DIY handicraft by adding pebble handles to your chest of drawers, or stencil a boat number on a jug or pot.

The combination possibilities are endless!

*photos RE:SOURCE own, and Pinterest.


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