From Cornwall to Oz

McIntosh Sideboard
Within just two years of trading, we have delivered fabulous upcycled and refurbished mid-century furniture all over the UK, into Ireland, and as far afield as Portugal but an order from Australia is our furthest flung customer yet.

This beautifully restored 1950/60s McIntosh teak sideboard was spotted online by a customer who was looking for an authentic Mid-century Modern piece to grace their home.

Haron said:
“I first saw this exact style of sideboard by McIntosh on an antique dealer’s website. That item had sold a year prior, but from then I knew I wanted that exact model of sideboard. After 6 months of searching local furniture dealers in Australia with no success, I decided to broaden my search to international locations, and found one at RESOURCE Vintage.”

“I initially thought it would be too difficult to organise the logistics of shipping such a large item to Australia. But then I read that RESOURCE Vintage was a social enterprise and the items they sell helped to support their aims and provide an opportunity for work amongst those that need it in their local community – so I decided that this was worth the effort.”

All furniture sold by RE:SOURCE Vintage are items that have been rescued from landfill and brought back to life by people in the local community who are looking to progress or rebuild their lives. RE:SOURCE provides a safe and inclusive environment for people to gain confidence and learn new skills in a bid to reduce the effects of social exclusion in the county.

The sideboard, which caught the eye of our antipodean shopper, was in a very poor state on arrival at RE:SOURCE having been stored in a garage and being utilised as a workbench and tool storage unit; it was badly faded and discoloured, and marked with various stains and paint marks; making it almost unrecognisable as a highly sought-after, mid-century modern piece, designed in the 1950s.

Paint damaged sideboard

After each of the drawers and cupboard doors were removed every piece of precious teak was painstakingly stripped by hand and indulged with a rejuvenating wood treatment to bring it back to its former glory.




Dismantled sideboardSideboard doors were stripped and sanded

McIntosh Sideboard

With expert guidance and support from our experienced cabinet maker and Workshop Lead, Nick Clegg RE:SOURCE’S volunteers and trainees transformed a tired sideboard into a stunning and desirable addition to a modern home.
We love seeing these drastic transformations, its great to see history regenerating and iconic designs receiving a new lease of life. This piece was the ultimate challenge for our trainees and a real testament to how their skills have progressed during their time with us. The fact that customers are willing to cover global shipping costs to secure a RE:SOURCE Vintage product is an indication of the standards that they have achieved and we are very proud of.

Well done to all the ladies and gentleman involved in reviving this piece!


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Fabulous Upcycled Midcentury and Vintage Furniture, handfinished by Volunteers and Trainees
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